Meta data

The Regional Database ( contains 833 indicators as of 1st of March 2013. 70 of these are about countries of the European Union, mainly on NUTS2 regional level, but some indicators are also available on NUTS3 level. The majority, 763 indicators contains data about Hungary, most of them are accessible for each settlement. Almost all the data are avaible for several years, the most important indicators from 1990, and the majority from 2000. The indicators are systematized in the following categories: Social indicators, Labour market and economy, Accessibility and infrastructure, Financial and in-kind social benefits, Social services, Child care services, and Tenders of the National Development Agency (Hungary). The main source of the data about regions of the Europen Union is the Eurostat. There are various sources of the data about Hungary: the cenzuses, databases of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (OSAP, T-STAR) the National Development Agency, National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary, National Development and Planning Information System. Our database also contains user created and uploaded indicators, this was made possible thanks to a recent update. We wish an exciting and useful browsing for all of our users!

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